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Sunday, January 27, 2013

So how are you going to solve the problem?

Total Global Forest in hectares is about 4,033,060,000.00 (4Billion has)

Total Registered Cars all over the world 1,000,000,000.00 (1 Billion)
x 5 mt per car = 5Billion mt, or 5Billion Hectares of forest needed!

Total number of Coal Power Plants worldwide = 50,000
x 20,000,000 mt average CO2 per plant = 1,000,000,000,000.00 (1 Trillion) hectares of forest needed.

The world; ladies and gentlemen has a deficit of around 1.000,966 Trillion Hectares of Forest needed or roughly about 141.136.338.540 Gazillion Trees needed to be planted.

It really doesn't sound nice at all does it? And you are still hopeful that the climate will change for the better?... highly unlikely!

With only 7 Billion people all over the world... we need to ask each one to plant at least 2Million Trees each!

Considering that we don't stop our ways and decided to stop cutting trees...
And decided to start planting one tree everyday for 55 years of their entire life... We might be able to save this planet.

I can think of a more realistic way to do it, but I don't like to sound like some idiot trying to sell you snake oil. I am just curious how you would solve it if it is in your hands.

I'm really curious to know... How are you going to do it?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What has CO2 got to do with Global Warming?

This video perfectly illustrates how CO2 causes Global Warming with the simple Bottle demonstration.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to save a planet

What has this got to do with Reversing Climate Change?

I will not beat behind the bush so here it goes...
Here are the facts:

1. A fully matured (100 feet x 18" dia. trunk, with leaves of course) tree can only absorb 78 lbs. (about 172 kgs.) of CO2 in a year;
2. an average emissions of a car driven 26,000 miles (41,834 kilometers) will emit about 3 to 5 metric ton of CO2 in a year;
3. It takes about 10 years to grow a tree from seedling;
4. It takes only 3 to 6 months to develop a new model car;
5. You will need Hectare to plant 140 Trees
6. It takes about 141 trees to absorb the CO2 emissions of a car in a year;
7. a tree can produce about 118 kgs. of O2 per year;
8. a single tree can release enough O2 to support 2 human beings per year;
9. It takes about 3 trees only to support a person;
10. It takes about 22 Trees to support the Oxygen need for every single person;
11. The average human needs about 0.71 Kilos of O2 per day or 260 Kilograms O2 per year;
12. The average car will consume Oxygen {based on (AF ratio 1:14) (5000 kg. CO2/14 = O2) - my own computation} roughly about 4.642 Tons of O2 per year;
13. The amount of Oxygen used per human being per year is 260 kilogram (Based on a study by Cybe) To drive a car at 50 kph requires 22.25 kilograms of Oxygen per hour, which is roughly 750 times the amount needed by a human being in a year!

Based on these figures, we can establish a math about Cars, Trees, Human Beings, Animals and CO2.

OK, you are still breathing, sure! But is breathing a good indicator that we are not destroying this planet?

We are consuming too much O2 for our machines... and we are spewing too much CO2 that this planet can handle.

We have gone far beyond any CO2 levels during the last 100 years... it hasn't happened anywhere near this level in the last 25,000 years or more.

If you really can't avoid using your car... the at least make it ZERO Carbon Emissions.

That's the least you can do to help keep this planet and everything in it alive.

How can we save the planet?

Good question and here are some great suggestions:

1. I suggest that everyone should have his/her own bicycle;
2. Getting a Hybrid pedal powered/ electric bike is also great;
3. Plant a tree, stop cutting them;
4. Grow your own vegetables in house or in the garden;
5. Change your light bulbs into L.E.D. or whatever is lesser evil ad lesser consuming;
6. Use electricity wisely and conservatively;
7. Plan your trips;
8. Do not let your engine idle for a relatively longer time; if you have a driver, don't leave your keys with him so he will not stay inside your car and sleep with the aircon and engine on, let him stay in the drivers lounge or somewhere nearby;
9. "Choose your battles" - Choose the perfect schedules to go out of make meetings, do not pick rush hours or close to it, Choose venues that have lesser traffic volume or density;
10. Never skimp on a weak battery or a faulty starter or ignition system, always keep them in tip top shape, A poor ignition will take more fuel and emit 5 to 10X more CO2;
11. Chose a lighter color for your clothing or vehicle paint; dark color absorbs more heat and will require more work for your airconditioning, this means more fuel and CO2 emissions;
12. Keep your tyres inflation above the recomended pressure, the best fuel mileage efficiency gains are achieved with tyre pressures 3X the recomended rates, but we don't want to shorten the life of your tyre so I suggest about 25 to 30% more than the factory recomended; (Example: if the recomended pressure is only 28 PSI then put 35 to 36PSI)
13. And if you really can't avoid the use of an internal combustion engine, then at least, make it in tip top condition, try to hit low to ultra low emissions with it, if you can't hit ZERO... but of course, Zero Carbon emissions is possible already, try looking into it... perhaps you've heard of GTO (The Green Technology Oil). Check it out. (  Put that in your car and you'll feel a lot less guilty driving it.

I hope this post helps you all in getting the big picture in your minds about the relationship of Trees, Cars, Oxygen, CO2, People, Animals and the Earth...

Here's the sources of my figures if you wish to verify them:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Engulfed by Arctic Waters: Residents on the Frontline of Climate Change

Climate change has had a major impact on Kivalina in many ways. Even though our people are adaptable to changes, a rapid change in the climate has made adaptation difficult. Not only are we impacted in our daily lives, but our current location has become increasingly precarious having a major impact on us physically to a point where we are now required to move to higher ground and more inland, a very cost-prohibitive impact.

Engulfed by Arctic Waters: Residents on the Frontline of Climate Change

Compute your carbon footprint

Calculate your Car's Carbon Impact
Based on EPA and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Values
Trip Carbon Footprint Calculator for Gasoline Engine
Miles Driven Trip MPG Average
Trip Carbon Impact
lbs. of CO2
lbs. of CO2
Total Trip Emission:
lbs. of CO2
How many times do you drive like this per month?
Estimated Annual Emission:
Tons of CO2


This idea describes two technologies that can help every person on the planet, save energy, stop pollution and help reduce global warming. We need your help to help you please vote for this idea.


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